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"Something so tuneful you remember it all instantly"

-  Ian Dando, New Zealand Listener

"Smythe’s skill at creating an unnerving atmosphere is impressive, as are the moments where he lets loose with a blast of all-out porcine carnage"

-  Jon Broxton, Movie Music UK

Mark is a New Zealand-born, Los Angeles-based composer known for his choral and film music. His recent film scores include the romcom Love You Like That and exorcism thriller The Possessed, his fourth collaboration with horror master Chris Sun. In 2022 Mark scored The Reef: Stalked, the much-anticipated sequel to Andrew Traucki's cult shark film The Reef. The film releases July 29 on AMC's Shudder network and in select cinemas. 

Mark is a three-time Hollywood Music in Media Awards nominee, and two-time winner of the Australian Screen Industry Network Best Score award. Click the
IMDb icon below for a full list of screen credits.

Trivia: Mark once played a Centaur on Xena, Warrior Princess.







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